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Olympiad Details

What is International Olympiad of Value System, Health & Wellness?

Teaching children wellbeing and value system skills is the best way to ensure that the future generations flourish!

International Olympiad of Value System, Health & Wellness is the world’s first online test which imparts global perspective and wisdom to help students improve their 21st century skills. The Olympiad seeks to provide a path to students to new age learning with focus on-

  • Building creative and latent thinking skills
  • Anger and stress management
  • Global perspective on health and happiness
  • Japanese culture and IKIGAI
  • Strategies for managing failures
  • Global pandemics: Causes and prevention

We are sure that International Olympiad of Value System, Health & Wellness will have a long-term impact on students, well beyond schools to prepare them as successful global citizens. The key sections of the Olympiad are-

  • Coping with Stress and Anger
  • Managing failures and rejectionst
  • Human diseases and pandemics
  • Global wellness practises
  • IKIGAI: Secret of health and happiness

For detailed syllabus of the Olympiad, please click here.

The Olympiad

The first of its kind Olympiad is organized online for class III to class X students. The Olympiad does not require visiting any test centre and can be taken from the comfort of your home.

Olympiad will have objective-type questions with no negative marking. Duration of the test is 45 minutes. The medium of the test is English.

The question paper usually consists of three sections:

  • Section-1: Value System
  • Section-2: Health & Wellness
  • Section-3: International learning Zone

The fees of the Olympiad is INR 200 for Indian students and 10 USD for foreign students.

Two FREE Olympiad preparatory e-guides worth INR 160 will be provided after registration.

Why Value System, Health & Wellness skills are needed?

Fast paced advancement in technology is changing the world rapidly and we believe that students of today need to be better equipped with skills that can help them adapt to an uncertain future. A student who is joining in school today will start getting into jobs after 15-20 years and most of those jobs are not even defined today. So its very very important that we make them ready for the uncertain future.

Global organizations like UNICEF, UNESCO and WHO insist in grooming students in these skills early in life. World Economic Forum has identified problem solving and critical thinking as the top two skills needed in current times. Scientists and researchers suggest that creative thinking, coping with stress & anger, managing failures, health, wellness and other related skills play an important role in preparing to handle the life and career challenges.

Who can participate in the Olympiad?

Students in the age group of 8-15 years seem to be the most vulnerable to behaviour related health problems. On an individual level, these skills increase self confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, social sensitivity and strong relationship bonds. Students of Grade III-X from all over the world can participate in the Olympiad. They will learn and acquire new skills while preparing for the Olympiad. The online exam will test their Life Skills Aptitude using real-world scenario based questions.

Why should students join the Olympiad

Today, students are obsessed with electronic gadgets and their health and emotional skills are not as developed and they cannot express themselves fully.

Life Skills enable them to take on the challenges of life with confidence and courage. In this series, the focus is on the development of Life Skills in students, which would help them in resisting peer pressure, making informed decisions and healthy choices to effectively cope with risky situations they encounter in their daily lives.

The effort is to create healthy learners who are sensitive towards environment and are equipped with positive attitude and value enhanced Life Skills. These will help young learners to make informed decisions, solve problems, think creatively and critically, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathise with others, cope with challenges and manage their lives in a healthy and productive manner.

Key benefits

The effort is to create healthy learners who are sensitive towards environment and are equipped with positive attitude and Skills.

  • Confidence and courage to face life uncertainties
  • Enhanced thinking and problem solving skills
  • Health and emotional well being
  • Reach full potential with better decision making
  • Higher consciousness towards environment
  • Strong social skills and effective communication

Register for the Olympiad

A student can register using the link given below. Individual registrations by students are accepted and parents can also register students for the exam with the same link.

Principals/teachers may please contact on +91 9582158054 or send an email to to register the school for the Olympiad. No fee is required for the registration of the school.