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About Zenik Olympiad

Zenik Olympiad brings the first ever International Olympiad of Value System, Health & Wellness. The Olympiad is the world’s first online test which imparts global perspective and wisdom to help students improve their 21st century skills. Fast paced advancement in technology is changing the world rapidly and we believe that students of today need to be better equipped with skills that can help them adapt to an uncertain future. A students who's joining in school today will start getting into jobs after 15-20 years and most of those jobs are not even defined today. So it's very important that we make them ready for the uncertain future.

The effort is to create healthy learners who are sensitive towards environment and are equipped with positive attitude and Skills. These will help young learners to make informed decisions, solve problems, think creatively and critically, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathise with others, cope with challenges and manage their lives in a healthy and productive manner.

About Drishta Technology

Zenik Olympiad is a subsidiary of Drishta Technology, a pioneer in bringing latest technology in the field of education. It has launched unique educational solutions using Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence for students from Nursery to class XII.


Drishta Techs VR based learning experiences in schools provide students with the opportunity to experience the unimaginable. Students can land on the Mars, orbit around the Moon, scale the Mt. Everest, dive deep into the Ocean and explore many wonders of the science and nature, right in the classroom. We are proud to have delivered 1mn minute of VR learning.


CEO Message

"Most great people have achieved their greatest success, just after their greatest failure."

The COVID-19 pandemic is the most crucial global health calamity of the century and the greatest challenge that the humankind faced since the World War II. It has triggered disastrous socio-economic crises of unprecedented scale globally.

The current situation demand students of today to learn skills that can help them adapt to an uncertain future.

Science and Maths skills will help a section of students in building a successful career but value system, health and wellness skills are needed by every student to build a successful life.

I strongly believe that teaching children wellbeing and value system skills is the best way to ensure that the future generations flourish!

My best wishes to all the students for progress.